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Programming & ADAS Calibration

At MobileTech we take post-collision inspections and calibration of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) very seriously. So serious in fact we were on the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification team to develop the testing for the ADAS L4 test series for technicians around the country.

Having a certified and qualified professional properly inspect your vehicle after collision repairs or windshield replacement ensures these systems have been not just been calibrated but have been verified to be properly working is extremely important for several reasons:

ADAS Calibration | MobileTech
  • Safety: ADAS technologies such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning rely on sensors and cameras to detect obstacles and maintain safe driving distances. A post-collision inspection ensures that these sensors and cameras are functioning properly, which is critical for maintaining the safety of the driver and passengers.
  • Accuracy: If any of the sensors or cameras are misaligned or damaged in a collision, the ADAS system may not work as intended. Calibration ensures that the sensors and cameras are properly aligned and calibrated, which is essential for the accuracy of the system.
  • Efficiency: Properly calibrated ADAS systems are more efficient, which can lead to better fuel economy and reduced wear and tear on the vehicle. Inefficient ADAS systems may use more energy and cause unnecessary wear on the vehicle's systems.
  • Compliance: Many ADAS technologies are required by law or industry standards, such as backup cameras and automatic emergency braking. A post-collision inspection and calibration ensures that these systems are compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

After any minor or major collision and windshield repair a post-collision inspection and calibration with verification of Advanced Driver Assist Systems is critical for ensuring the safety, accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of the vehicle's ADAS technologies. It is important to have these performed by qualified professional to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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